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An index is

an alphabetical list of the topics and concepts in a book, followed by page numbers or links to where the information can be found. A good index contains all substantive discussions of concepts, including subentries and cross-references in addition to the major concepts listed in the Table of Contents.

An index is NOT

a concordance. A concordance is a list of key terms in a document and the page numbers on which those terms appear. This tool has no cross-references, subentries, hierarchy, or other indicators of content. It is merely a list of words followed by long lines of page numbers.

Why hire a professional indexer?

A professional indexer can greatly augment the value of a work by providing a clear and concise roadmap for the reader to follow. By allowing for quick access to information, a good index saves the reader time and effort locating the desired information. A good index can make the difference between a well-loved and heavily used reference material and an anonymous book in a dusty pile on the floor. A good index can be a deciding factor when a consumer or acquisitions professional is choosing which books to add to their collection.

The professionals listed on this site are all members in good standing of ASI or one of our sister societies. All adhere to the Best Practices guidelines as suggested by ASI. For more information, you may wish to visit ASI's Information About Indexing page and the Index Evaluation Checklist.

Why can't the author create the index?

Usually by the time a book reaches the indexing stage of production, the author has seen it so many times that the content becomes invisible. A professional indexer offers a fresh set of eyes that the author lacks at this point. A professional indexer also brings a sense of objectivity to the indexing process.

Disclaimer: The content provided in the listings of individual members on this site is solely the responsibility of the individual indexer. The listings in this directory were prepared by the individuals to aid publishers, authors, and other potential clients in their search for qualified, dependable indexers. We encourage everyone to discuss projects with indexers and to confirm appropriate qualifications.