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NOTE: The Science and Medicine Special Interest Group is inactive at this time.

The Special Interest Group for Science and Medicine of the American Society for Indexing is an alliance of skilled professionals with backgrounds in medical, scientific, and engineering fields who work in a variety of formats. Members possess professional and academic credentials in numerous specialties. The group's goals include marketing and raising awareness of the need for indexing in today's world, as well as exchanging and publishing information about indexing scientific and medical materials.

If you are a current member of the American Society for Indexing and an indexer of subject matter pertaining to science or medicine, you may want to consider membership in our organization. Select Science and Medicine SIG as an option when you join or renew your ASI membership. Affiliated indexing society members may join via ASI's Online Store.

Dues of $12 per year are normally paid as an optional fee along with your ASI membership dues. You may pay SIG dues separately by selecting Science and Medicine SIG membership at the ASI Online Store.

Add or Modify Member Listings on This Website

Once you have joined the SIG, please complete the member information form in order to be added to the SIG's membership directory.To join, just right-click on "Member Information Form" and save the RTF file on your computer. You can send the completed form to Shana Milkie, the SIG membership coordinator. (You may print and mail the form if you prefer.)

Fill out print the form and email it to Shana Milkie, or you can print the completed form and mail it to

Sci/Med SIG
Shana Milkie, Membership Coordinator
1270 Kuehnle Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-2628

Update Current Member Information

If you are already a member of the Special Interest Group for Science and Medicine of the American Society for Indexing and want to update or change your information, click here to download a member information form. You can complete the form and send it as an e-mail attachment or by surface mail to the SIG Membership Coordinator.