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NOTE: The Science and Medicine Special Interest Group is inactive at this time.

Do you have any questions about our organization or comments about this Web site? Feel free to contact us.

Shana Milkie    SIG Membership Coordinator

Caryl Wenzel    SIG Treasurer

Linda Mamassian    SIG Webmaster

E-mail Discussion List

The Science and Medicine Special Interest Group of ASI has created an e-mail discussion list on Yahoo Groups. The purpose of the list is to offer a forum to those who index scientific and medical materials. The members are free to use the forum to discuss any relevant topic and to refer work to other members. To be a member of the SIG discussion list, you must be a member of both ASI and the SIG. Membership in the SIG discussion list will be accepted as soon as you have been accepted as a member of both ASI and the Sci/Med SIG.

The home page of the discussion list and subscription information can be found at

Questions about the discussion list should be directed to Michelle Guiliano and Shana Milkie, the list owners.



  • Michelle Guiliano (Manager)
  • Shana Milkie (Membership Coordinator)
  • Caryl Wenzel (Treasurer)

Web Site

  • Linda Mamassian (Webmaster)